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The Beginning is ALWAYS the hardest!

The first company I started was making taps for washing machines. I still laugh about it today when I think about how I gathered 7-8 people into my bedroom to discuss about a $1m tap business. It failed. I became a domain squatter, buying up all the available 3 letter and 4 letter domains I could find. 100-200 domains. I was promptly sued by LVMH, Christian Dior, Polo Ralph Holdings.. the list goes on. Until today, I am still being sued. My company still use to this very day.

Then I opened a tuition agency and tuition centre. It succeeded but failed over time. Next, I opened an international events & entertainment company. Followed by a telemarketing call centre. Followed by a business management consultancy arm. Corporate compliance firm. Accounting services. Serviced and Virtual Office Business Centre. Web Hosting & Web Design. Tax Re-structuring & Offshore Company Formations. Luxury lifestyle company.

*Picture was taken when I just started business at the age of 18. I was wearing a G2000 shirt, tie and an oversized blazer. My watch was from Guess. Humble beginnings.

I failed over and over again but it was kind of okay. I started to recover quicker. After a few initial failures, I stopped failing. I became stronger. Better. Smarter. Wiser. To those of you who are thinking of doing something, that's the problem. Stop thinking. Start doing. Most of the time, your first idea won't kick off anyways.

Believe in yourself. Follow your dreams. Set goals and have a drive to succeed. Keep hustling. Never quit. And most important of all, surround yourself with the people who make you happy and give thanks to God for His continuous & eternal blessings. Amen.

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