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Sharifah Faizah

Singapore Institute of Management

“I haven't given you enough credit, Rudy. I know you founded your company with the vision of inspiring others and igniting the entrepreneurial spark in everyone. On hindsight, I realise you saw so much in me that I, myself, didn't see. Things I never knew I could achieve, you saw me doing and doing it successfully. Sometimes you didn't just push me, you freaking shove me and it worked, and I think you knew it was going to work anyway. I will always and only have fond words for you, Rudy. You truly are one of the most inspirational figures I've had in my life so far. Your faith in my capabilities has propelled me into this fascinating world of business, of which I think I truly belong. I wish you all the very, VERY, best of luck and may you continue to inspire the life of others as you have mine. Cheers!"

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